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Poster: jory2 Date: Sep 13, 2011 1:07pm
Forum: faqs Subject: Brewster Kahle Archiving the Internet

Jeff Kaplan,
You'll find below a paragraph taken from a paper written by the founder of the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle.
Kahle writes:
"By allowing authors to exclude their information from the Archive we hope to avoid some of the immediate issues, and allow enough time to pass to understand the larger issues at hand. The Internet Archive might be able to help resolve some of these issues by publicly drawing the issues out and by participating in the debates. While many of these questions will take years to resolve, we feel it is important to proceed with the collection of the material since it can never be recovered in the future."
Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive

I have asked a few questions that have gone unanswered, and then it was "suggested" that my questions and any answers to my questions remain private.

Jeff I agree with Kahle in that public debate may prove important in resolving some of the issues.
So I will ask again, in public; when a content owner sends to the Internet Archive a DMCA take down notice along with the request that the content detailed in the DMCA take down notice be both removed and deleted, does the Internet Archive delete the content in question from the website and data storage? Or does the Internet Archive simply "block" the content from public view and retain the owners content?